मां बेटी का रिश्ता।।।। जाने ज्योतिष से।।।।।

भावनात्मक होता है बेटी का रिश्ता मां से। मां बेटी के रिश्ते में मां को चतुर्थ भाव से देखा जाता है बेटी की कुंडली से अगर चतुर्थ भाव या चतुर्थ भावेश विपरीत कारक हो अर्थात चतुर्थेश छठे आठवें बारवीं स्थान में बैठ जाए अथवा अपने स्थान से छठे या आठवें स्थान में बैठ जाए तो मां बेटी के लिए सपोर्ट नहीं होती है जैसे कि जैसे कि मेष लग्न की कुंडली में चतुर्थेश चंद्रमा होता है अगर चंद्रमा छठवें स्थान आठवें स्थान 12वीं स्थान अथवा अपने भाव से छठे आठवें और बारहवें मतलब तीसरे स्थान भाग्य स्थान या एकादश स्थान में हो अथवा क्रूर ग्रह से आक्रांत हो जाए जैसे राहु शनि इत्यादि ग्रहों से तब बेटी को मां से पूर्ण सहयो

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Today is Vishwakarma worship 17 Sept 2017 Muhurt at 12.54 PM, Vastu Good Anniversary Celebration All Over India

Today is Vishwakarma puja 2017. People create idol of Lord Vishwakarma and worship in auspicious way. Vishwakarma is considered as the world's first Vastu specialist, engineer and architect.

Today on Vishvakarma Pooja Anniversary Day steel, industries, factories and every kind of machine are worshiped in ritualistic manner.

Today is Ashwin Krishna Paksha Pratipada i.e. today on 17 September 2017 Sunday designated as per Panchang for worship ritual of Bhagvan Vishwakarma. Today is birthday and anniversary of Engineering God Vishvakarma.

Shraddha with Rudrabhishek Karmkand is Pt. Priya Sharan Tripathi Specialization and Unique Concept in Universe

The glory of Shraddha becomes multiplied by Rudrabhishek Pooja and your reverence is communicated very well at the most appropriate place in virtual horizon.

What is Importance of Rudrabhishek in Shraddha? How does your Pirta get multiple satisfaction with Rudrabhishek intended to them? Do you know about Godly Obligation arriving with you as the birth happen? What is Rudrabhishek Shraddh?

Is Rebirth Scientifically Valid??????

Do reborn have memory of previous life? And does science accept? News surfaces every now and then that some kid is rebirth and remembers everything from past life.
Death is only of the physical body, but the subtle metaphysical body moves forward in the similar way with the soul. Sacraments of Deeds from every birth keep adding in the metaphysical intellects which awakes after getting the similar situation in some future life.

What is Vastu benefit of burying iron weights in southwest plot?

Many Vastu consultant architects advise to keep iron weights for making heavy the southwest angle of plot. Our neighbor have dug south-west corner of plot and concealed ten blocks of 50 kilograms iron weight on the advice of someone so called Vastu adviser.

What is the benefit of such act by burying iron blocks in ground? To make the southwest angle of any building heavy, weights burying is completely unscientific.
Let's look the correct Astrology Vastu solution.

Do burying copper wires or gems eradicate Vastu Dosha??????????

Is it real Vastu defects get removed by putting certain metal or gemstone deep in soil? No at all! For the last few years some Vastu architect has used copper wire buried in ground to eliminate the Vastu malfunction caused by faulty elongation of the plot.

So, to increase the energy of your land, in all four directions, four angles and middle of plot various colored gemstones are concealed under ground.

These Vastu remedies are being done only by ill-knowledge, novice or by the thugs confusing public mind.

Can you get relief from Vastudoshas by using ShreeYantra?

You must have seen Vastu Architect or Astrologer suggesting Shriyantra as remedy. Is it real the ShreeYantra helping in Vastu flaws?

No at all! Whether Shri Yantra is Siddh or not by the holy spirit, but it is very important in the religious faith. Whether it is made of rhinestone or any other metal, but according to real Astrology base Vastu Shastra, they have no role in redressing the Vastu defect. We are meaning to say that the glory as per religious faith has it's own place.

Can colors eliminate Vastu defects?

Is using variants of different colors also remove the Vastudosh? No,simple and straight no, not at all! For the last few years many Vastu Shasrti architects have advised to use the colors of red, yellow, green, etc. in accordance with the representation of owner of directions on the basis of astrology, to overcome the Vastu flaws. Color Vastu has become fashion which has no connection with Vastu Astrology.

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Our Astrological Future for You group is growing with your contribution, and there are active future talks.

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