Life partner for birth Number 6

Life partner for birth Number 6 (born on dates like 6, 15, 24, your No. Is 6.)
1. You have a natural attraction towards those born in the period between 21st August and 20th September and between December 21st and January 20th. It is therefore advisable that you choose your partner from this period.
2.You also have an affinity for those who are governed by the numbers 2, 3, 6 and 9.
3. You will be mostly attracted to persons who have 6 as their Day No. or Life No. Your heart melts with love and affection when you meet such persons born with Numerology 6.
4. If you marry a person with No. 6, your chances of getting children are greatly reduced. But if your Life number is very strong, you will be blessed with children.
5.Persons with Numerology 6 are fond of lovely things, nice costumes and attractive jewelry. If you have 6, you like to spend on these things. If both have 6, you need strong life numbers to support you with sufficient income.
6.Numerology says that if you have 6 as both your Day Number and Life Number you should marry only persons with Number 1, 4, or 9. Only these persons will like you, adore you, and love you. Numerology reveals that if you marry persons with other numbers, your married life will be less lucky. You should not marry those with No. 3 as both 6 and 3 are mutually inimical to each other.
7.You should not marry persons with 7, says marriage numerology. If with your No. 6 you marry a 7 person, your married life will ruined. Your spouse will be unfit for marriage and you cannot have a happy married life.
8.You should not marry persons with Number 8. No. 8 is Saturn’s Number. Saturn will give you miseries, misfortunes, accidents, and sorrows. You will lose the benefits of No. 6.
9.Marriage Numerology reveals that if you are born with 6, you should have strong Life No. to enjoy your marriage in all its fullness. In case your Life number is 2, 7, or 8, your chances of child birth are remote.
10. Books on Numerology 6 caution you to remember this point when you choose a 6 person as your wife. She can have 6 as her Day No. or Life No. She will not beget any children if her Life number is 2 or 7, or 8.
11. Researches on Numerology 6 reveal that if you are a person born with 6 as your day or life number, you will mostly have female children. Your chances of getting male children will improve only if you correct your names.
12. Numerology says that if you are born with 6, you can find a good life mate in any of the persons with Numerology 5. Whether husband or wife, a person with Numerology 5 will support you in all respects.
Birth Number 6 as husband
1. You are attracted to marriage and usually marry early in life.
2. You expect your partner to be neat and have charm and grace.
3.Yours is usually a large family with many children. You love your children and home.
4.You are very kind, generous and devoted. Though you create a lively atmosphere in the house, you somehow find it
difficult to meet all the necessities of the members of your family.
5.This may sometimes create unpleasantness and make you unhappy in your married life. Art is everything to you and you remain impractical in not understanding the material values of a successful life.
6.It is necessary for you to control sudden emotions; otherwise attachments of an unsatisfactory nature will be formed which would disturb your married life.
7.If you can differentiate between fascination and true love, real happiness, both before and after marriage is your lot.
Birth Number 6 as wife.
1. You never resort to divorce and endure extreme hardship rather than desert your mate.
2. You are a devoted mother and a loving wife, satisfied with your husband’s efforts on your behalf.
3. You love domestic life and are a perfect housewife.