Farmer and his daughter- short story


There is one farmer he had to borrow some money from the money lender. The money lender was very cunning person he had a close watch on the daughter beautiful daughter.Then he place a deal infront of a farmer. The deal was that “if farmer’s daughter get married to the money lender then he will forgive his all debts. The farmer and his daughter get trembled with the proposal of money lender. Then he says that “If you are not ready then let god take the descion”. Then he gives an idea to them that he will put two stones in an empty bag one white and one black and she had to pick up from the bag, if she picks up black stone then she had to marry me and and if she picks up white stone then she will leave and in both cases your debt will be forgive and if she refuse this then the farmer would be sent to prison.
They were standing on the farmers farm trails where there is full of stones, as they were talking moneylender bent down and picked up two stones both were black this farmer daughter had seen she was very clever. Then moneylender ask his daughter to pick up the stone, she was in very difficult situation she know that both stones were black and if she refuses then her father were put in prison and if she picks up the stone she had to marry moneylender. Farmer’s daughter was very intelligent, he dipped his hand into the bag and took out a stone, without seeing him in bewilderment dropped down on sidewalks filled with stones, where they fall between the other stones were missing.e
Oh! how clumsy i am, she said “but no matter we will see the remaining one in the bag by which we will know that which stone i had picked. Farmer’s daughter know that the remaining stone is black and they will known that i had picked up the white stone and moneylender will not accept this dishonesty. This impossible thing farmer daughter made a possible thing. Big to big problems will be solved but the thing is that try must be important. We had to try atleast to solve a problem.