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Power or Beliefs of Mantras


Mantras are that group of words having the power of executing transformations. This transformation could be of anything or for anything. Some mysterious Mantras that can change your life. Let’s move further to know about the glory of Mantras. A mantra is the spell, syllable, sound, word or those groups of words that have the power of bringing change. The mantra originated from the ‘Vedic tradition of India’. In all of the Hindu traditional functions, mantras are the most important part. Whether it is a Hindu marriage or birthday puja of a kid, mantras are everywhere. A traditional Hindu function is incomplete without the chanting of mantras. Most of us already know many mantras, but some things about them are still out of our knowledge. This page will assist you with almost all general mantras of Hindu tradition for free! Don’t think much, just scroll down and find everything you want to know about mantras.As per our ancient Vedas, the entire texts of the Rig, Yajur and Sama Veda are considered as Mantras. Basically, these mantras were considered as the commentary from Brahamanda. With time, these mantras became the magic spells for fulfilling human desires. This revelation was done after the ancient schools of Vedanta, Yoga, Bhakti and Tantra segregated magical and powerful spells from the Veda content.
As per the Upanishads, syllable ‘Om’ is itself a mantra. Om represents the God-head, Brahmin and the whole creation. Om is a common syllable between two religions, Hindu and Buddhism.
Mantras generate those sound vibrations that exerts the influence of cosmic powers.
Here, on the page of mantras, that has been developed by AstroSage to answer your valuable questions, you will find all what you desire to know. If you are still not aware of the powers of mantra then we would suggest you to start chanting for a while, you may chant any basic mantra, say, Gayatri Mantra, you will experience the ecstasy of divinity. The only way to attunement or spiritual awakening is mantras. While chanting any mantra, you can easily calm down the trafficked thoughts of your mind to make you feel relaxed. This way you can easily concentrate on the divine vibrations. While chanting mantra, you will feel that those words are revolving inside your body with sound vibrations and purifying each corner of the body to make your senses fresh. Also, you may consider the mantras as the words of Almighty. If you chant God’s words, his blessings will get a clearer way to reach you. Mantras act as a magnet between you and God. You both become like two opposite poles of magnet for each other and hence you experience the total enlightenment. This all can be done only if you chant mantras with faith, devotion and passion.