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Impressive Beauty of Dongargarh


Still there is many history are hidden behind bamleshwari temple. In the mountain remains of sages auterity were found. Also on the second side there is inaccessible cliff. Down to the hills there is Ashram and lake of sages. Many People believed that bathing into the lake and by drinking it they get rid of all diseases. Today that ashram is called as ascetic temple.

There is a story that there is fort on that hill on which there is a house of kaamkandla who is the lover of an anecdote named Madhavnal-kaamkandla . In this fort both meet. This love story is very famous in Chhattisgarh.

In the history of dongargarh this love story penetrates. Nearly around two thousand five years ago this place was called kamakhya which was ruled by a king called kaamsen who was the contemporary of king of ujjain Vikramaditya. This city is famous for the art, dance and music in which there is a dancer named kamkandla . She is maste in dance and she is very beautiful. One day she was dancing in the darbar then at that time a singer named madhavnal came but the concierge didn’t allow him to go inside. Then he sits down there and enjoying music inside. Then he felt that the dance left feet thumb is fake and there in pebble in the dancer gunghrun so there inaccuracy in the rhythm in the music. He thought that he came here for just vain. He told there is no one in the fort who understands the impurities in music. Gatekeeper heared all these thing and he goes infront of the king and he tell all about what he is saying. Then king allows him to came inside. To prove his words king allow him to sing. From here madhavnal and kamkandla’s love story started. But the king himself is fascinated at her but they did not get together. For their life bot madhavnal and kamkandla moved to ujjain infront of king vikramaditya they begged infront of him for their survival. King Vikramaditya give justice to them and he reconcile them both. There is a legend that for giving justice to them Vikramaditya had to fight with the king of kaamwati to stop them goddess Bhawani and lord Shiva came. Dongargarh ‘Kamkandla-Madhavanl lake is the witness for this.

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There is one more legend (story) behind dongargarh. According to that 147 dancers came here from nandgaonraj to perform. When queen heared this news then she was upset because she was in fear that his son could not be fascinate on anyone. So she made a paste with turmeric and water mixed and asked his son to spread on all dancers before going to dance. By doing this all dancers changed in boulder. There are so many boulders in the dongargarh hills which is known as these boulders are of dancers.

In dongargarh a lake called Motibeer in that there is a stone pillar in which there is an article engraved on that in French. This pillar was kept now in the Ghasidas museum in Raipur. Similarly, there is another pillar there is an inscription which had no been read till now. Regardless of all that, in dongargarh the bamleshwari temple is so famous that today also people go there for worship

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