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How to get success in film industry:astrological point of view


The nature and strength of Lagna and Lagna lord in birth chart governs the personality, potentiality, status, name, fame and wealth of the individual. Those born in Venusian lagna /Rashi (Vrishabha and Tula), Mercurian Lagna/Rashi (Mithuna and Kanya), Karka and Simha Lagna/Rashi (ruled by Moon and Sun respectively) are more suited to films. The 2nd house of the horoscope rules over face, eyes, expressions and voice which are sine-qua-non for impressive and effective expressions and dialogue delivery. The 3rd house deals with determination and perseverance. The 4th house shows capability to grasp the intricacies of performing arts. The 5th house denotes creative and expressive talent of the individual and the 9th house (5th from 5th) denotes higher knowledge and providential help or luck. The 10th house denotes one’s vocation, and gains therefrom is denoted by the 11th house. The planets in 11th house by their 7th aspect on the 5th house also stimulate creative and expressive talent of an individual.
Among the planets, Venus is the prime significator for handsome figure and talent in art, acting, singing, dancing, etc. A strong and well placed Venus in Lagna makes one handsome, gives aesthetic taste and inclines towards performing art. In 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th house, Venus makes one an actor/singer and famous. Moon rules over mind, subjective perception and personality of the native. Moon in Venusian and Mercurian signs (Vrishabha/ Tula and Mithuna/Kanya respectively), Karka, Simha, Aquarius and Pisces gives artistic talent and emotional flexibility. Mercury, being karaka (significator) for speech, dance and drama, gives versatility and expressive talent to an individual. Its association or aspect with Venus makes one skilled in performing arts. The blessings of Jupiter give success, recognition, name, fame and wealth. Strong Jupiter in Lagna, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th house conjoined with, or aspected by, Venus and or Mercury gives success in films. The dasha -antardasha of these planets at appropriate age gives success in film line. Location of other Rajyogas in the horoscope gives early success., recognition and lasting name, fame and wealth.
Though Saturn represents all that is rough, tough and ugly, Uttarakalamrita (Ch. V, Sl. 50) assigns it the karakatwa of ‘decorating one with dresses’ as well. Saturn in Aquarius and Pisces gives flexibility of emotions and patient effort which are necessary for success. As Saturn represent public, its association with or favourable aspect with friendly Venus gives success in films with much fan following. Because of its characteristics of ‘disguise’ (Sl. 52) (behave differently from real), Rahu’s connection with Venus or its location in Venusian signs in the horoscope inclines the individual to performing arts and films.
Among the planets in outer space and invisible to naked human eyes, Neptune is said to govern imagination and artistic temperament which is prerequisite for painters, musicians, poets and actors. The association or aspect of Neptune with Venus in Lagna, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th or 11th house gives capability for portraying different characters.