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Livelihood from planet saturn


An individual experiences these good and bad results in the Dasa Bhukti of the planets posited in different houses of the horoscope. Saturn depicts that particular category of past actions which were undesirable, and for which the individual has to undergo corresponding suffering in this life. Saturn reminds us that one has to pay for his wrong deeds. Through suffering and tribulations Saturn cautions us to avoid recurrence of past mistakes and follow the right path in present life. Saturn is described as a natural malefi c and evil planet that produces misery and suffering. But a strong, unaffl icted and well aspected Saturn helps the native attain high position, authority and prosperity as reward for his past good deeds. Benefi c aspect of Jupiter, Venus and unaffl icted Mercury augments the result. Saturn protects the house where posited and harms those receiving his 7th, 3rd and 10th aspect. He also infl uences the 2nd and 12th houses from his location in the horoscope. Saturn gives good result for those born in Capricorn and Aquarius Lagna ruled by him, in Sagittarius and Pisces Lagna ruled by Jupiter and the best result as Yogakaraka (by owning Kendra and Trikona houses) for Libra and Taurus Lagna ruled by Venus. For these Lagnas the evil effect of Sadhesati is also moderate. Saturn’s highest exaltation is in Libra at 200 and deepest debilitation at 200 Aries. When occupying his own or exaltation sign in Kendra, Saturn forms ‘Sasa’ Mahapurusha yoga which confers high status, good wealth, name and fame on the individual. Saturn controls human life for better or worse from 36th year onwards. Saturn when posited in Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces Lagna gives good personality, wealth, status and prosperity. In other Lagna it gives disease of old age in youth and the native looks older than his or her age. His location is considered good in Upachaya (3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th) houses. Among these his location is considered better in the 6th house from where he aspects the 8th, 12th, and 3rd house and curtails evil effect of these houses. As an exception to the maxim ‘karako Bhava Nashaya’, Saturn’s location in 8th house bestows long life with some impediments. The influence of Saturn on 10th house makes the native hard worker. Retrograde Saturn in 6th, 8th and 12th house causes much suffering to the native. Strong Saturn gives success and elevates the native in life, while weak Saturn causes misery and suffering. when Saturn is strong and well placed in the horoscope, it indicates that the individual has well disciplined approach to creative activity and he fi nds life most rewarding. A weak and ill placed Saturn causes failure, miseries and low status in life. A large majority of people are born with weak or affl icted Saturn. Such individuals resist changes in life without trying to understand these. Instead of hard work they try shortcuts for success and stumble upon failure. Through these failures and losses Saturn teaches the real meaning of life. Astrological treatises have eulogised strong Saturn as signifi cator of 10th house which relates to one’s profession. According to Saravali (Ch.30.83) “If Saturn joins the 10th house one will be rich and learned …. He will be courageous and leader of a group, village or city.” phaladeepika (Ch.8.22) states: “The person having Saturn in the 10th house will be a King or Minister. He will be brave, wealthy and famous.” Similarly, Jatak Parijat (Ch.8.92) states;” If Saturn is posited in the 10th house, one is a punishing offi cer, wealthy, courageous and important in his family.” The placement of Saturn in the horoscope at birth, and its interaction with other planets gives a fair idea about that individual’s profession and means of livelihood. For example, Aries sign represents machinery, tools, factory, fi re, undeveloped land, etc. when Saturn is placed in Aries, the profession is connected with one or the other attributes of this sign. The planets placed with Saturn, in the 2nd, 12th and 7th house from his location have a direct bearing on the activities connected with one’s occupation. Saturn as a signifi cator for means of livelihood interacts fi rst with the planet placed in the house next to his own location. Planets aspecting Saturn and those aspected by Saturn also shape an individual’s profession. More the number of planets interacting with Saturn, more complex would be the the professional career. The result of Saturn in different signs is as under : Saturn in Aries : Saturn is debilitated here. In keeping with the traits of aries, the native is engaged in factory, machinery, metal and engineering work involving physical labour and less return. Saturn in Taurus : This indicates enough earning through soft work, such as fi nance, banking or trading in luxury goods. Saturn in Gemini : The individual earns through intellectual pursuits like journalism, accountancy, auditing, business, trade and communication work. He gets cooperation from friends. Saturn in Cancer : It indicates work connected with art, writting, travel, water, milk, liquids and sea-borne items. Saturn in Leo : It indicates government employment or some administrative work. As ruler of Leo sign Sun is inimical to Saturn, the individual has to struggle initially in his profession, unless Saturn is associated with or aspected by Jupiter, Venus or unaffl icted Mercury. Saturn in Virgo : One earns through intellectual pursuits, commerce, accountancy, real estate and brokerage. He is very practical in business. Saturn in Libra : Exalted Saturn gives good profession, fame, status and wealth, when not conjoined with or aspected by Mars or Ketu. Lawyers and judges have Saturn in Libra. The person may earn through banking, luxury items, any soft work or as cinema or T.V. artist. Saturn in Scorpio : Saturn is uncomfortable here. The native may work in concerns in mines, minerals, engineering and agriculture involving physical energy and manual work. Saturn in Sagittarius : The native is engaged in prestigeous profession related to law, administration or religion. He may earn through forest service and spiritual activities. Saturn in Capricorn : The native earns through service, travelling, sales, liaison work or food realted business. Saturn in Aquarius : The native may work as manager, teacher, researcher, astrologer, advisor or guide in independent capacity. Saturn in Pisces : The native is successful in the fi eld of law, medicine or religion and works as administrator, doctor, lawyer or teacher in respctable position. The above tendencies prevail when Saturn is associated with these sign lords by conjuction, placement in adjoining (2/12) houses, and in the 7th house from his location. A powerful Venus placed in 2nd to Saturn indicates that prosperity in profession would follow after marriage. Jupiter in 2nd house to Saturn indicates that the career would begin at a higher level, and when there is no planet between Saturn and Jupiter, then the road to success is smooth and clear. Rahu in 2nd to Saturn indicates that the person will have to start his career at lower level and struggle in the initial stages. Ketu in 2nd to Saturn causes a pull back in position, but this lacation is good for spiritual achievement. Saturn’s association with Mercury or Saturn in 2nd to Mercury is an indication of initial impediments in career. When Saturn is associated with Mars or Rahu (either by conjuction or in 2nd or 7th house) then that individual faces diffi culties in the early stages of profession. He works hard without job satisfaction, irrespective of the grade he makes in his career. When the adjoining houses to Saturn are unoccupied and Mars is placed in 7th house to Saturn, the individual has to struggle in initial stages and work hard for progress. Saturn-Rahu combination, especially in 9th house, produces severe setbacks in the life of the native and his father. Their combination in 6th, 8th or 12th house produces many scandals in the life of the native. Saturn-Mars conjuction in 5th, 8th and 12th produces very bad result. When Saturn is in direct opposition to the Sun and devoid of Jupiter’s aspect, the native makes his living by coming in contact with low people and using clandestine means. Their opposition is very bad. It causes differences with father and those in authority causing fall in status. Saturn-Sun conjunction ruins paternal affection and success in life. For political success it is essential that Saturn favourably infl uences 10th house and gets the support of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter. When Jupiter, Venus or unaffl icted Mercury is posited in 2nd, 7th or in trine or 10th to Saturn, the individual enjoys regular fl ow of money through comfortable profession. The result of Saturn’s connection with other planets is as under : Saturn and Sun : It indicates government connection, trade in metals or politics. Success comes after much effort and struggle. Aspect of Jupiter, Venus and unaffl ictd Mercury makes life easy. Saturn and Moon : This involves travelling, writing and liquids. There is diffi cult childhood, problem to mother, fl uctuation of mind and repeated changes in career. Saturn and Mars : As these are inimical to each other, the individual has problem in career connected with metal, machinery or engineering. Aspect of jupiter and other benefi cs increases gains, and gives land and property. Saturn and Mercury : It gives profession related to trade, writing and law, involving intelligence and tact. The aspect of benefi cs makes earning easy. Saturn and Jupiter : It gives independent career and good status. The person enjoys lot of respect in the society. Successful persons are born with Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in Trines. Saturn and Venus : The native has success after marriage. He enjoys good fortune in the fi eld of banking and business. The Transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Venus over the combination or in trine or in 7th therefrom gives increase in income and prosperity. Saturn and Rahu : It indicates profession connected with vehicle, printing press and films with low grade beginning and dissatisfaction from the job. Saturn and Ketu : Ketu is inimical to Saturn. It indicates maximum work and minimum salary. The native works in small concern. Experience in life turns him to spiritualism. The result of more than one planet with Saturn can be assessed on the basis of above indications. Besides the loacation, strength and interaction of Saturn with other planets in the horoscope, we should also look up the strength of and benefi c infl uence on, the 10th house and its lord for successful career. When the 10th lord is weak and affl icted, there will be obstacles and the profession will begin at ordinary level. In addition, presence of Raj Yoga formed by the lords of a Kendra (angle) and Trikona (Trine), Panchmahapurusha Yoga, exalted and Vargottam Planets in the horoscope are positive indications. The absense of good Yogas and presence of bad ones, such as Kemadruma and Dainya Yoga make the native struggle for professional success. The transit of the Sun, Mars, Rahu and Ketu over natal Saturn, Sadhesati, Kantak and Ashtam Shani is the period of struggle and suffering when it occurs during Saturn Dasa or Bhukti.