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Quit to smoking:astrological point of view


Smoking is one of the bad habits which are difficult to quit. There are many people who ask about the best ways to quit smoking cigarette through astrology remedies. They want to know how they can quit smoking and what are the causes of smoking habits and the best ways to quit it. Many people want to quit smoking. Smoking is the single greatest avoidable risk factor for cancer; worldwide, tobacco consumption caused an estimated 100 million deaths in the last century and if current trends continue, it will kill 1,000 million in the 21st century. Causes of Smoking in Astrology Moon’s connection with Mars and Saturn makes the native smoking prone. Mercury must also be affl icted. Moon’s affl iction shows unstable mind, emotional disturbance due to which native feels uncomfortable to adjust in his environment. Native does not feel good from inside. Moon must be in malefic houses specially 8th house under bad influence or in bad position. There must be affliction to 8th house also; it denotes long term bad habits. 6th lord must have connection with 4th house, 4th lord or Cancer sign. Usually Moon is in waning position in these persons chart. 2nd house represent food, mouth, throat so it must be afflicted with malefi cs. Mercury indicates swift movement, hands, mouth which must be afflicted by malefics. So 2nd, 4th , 6th houses with afflicted Moon and Mercury play an important role making person addicted to smoking/cigarettes. In the example charts natives are badly addicted to the habit of smoking. In both charts Moon were found to be in 8th house of birth chart with afflicted Mercury by Saturn. Example Chart One Moon debilitated in 8th house in the sign of Saturn sitting in 4th house in Moon sign aspected by Mercury the 6th lord. Mercury in 10th house aspected by Saturn causes continuous movements of mouth and hands. Gemini rules 3rd house under Papkartari yoga. In Navamsha chart, Mercury is in 5th house. Gemini occupied by Node aspected by Saturn. In Trimshamsha chart, Moon is in 10th house aspected by Saturn. Lagna is Gemini aspected by Saturn, Rahu with Mercury in 12th. Moon is in Saturn sign in 8th house aspected by Saturn and Rahu indicating that native will be in habit of drinking along with smoking. Saturn is aspecting 4th house while 6th lord is placed in Cancer sign. Here Moon is combust too. Mercury is in 8th house afflicted by Saturn with other malefics also. Gulika one of the malefics like Saturn is placed in Gemini. In Navamsha chart Moon is afflicted by Mars, nodes. Mercury in 8th house aspected by Saturn. In Trimshamsha chart Moon again is placed in 8th house with 4th lord Mercury aspected by Rahu and Ketu in Gemini, 6th lord Sun with Saturn aspected by nodes. Mars’ involvement is also seen in these charts. Mars planet of energy represents fire giving boost to negative habits. People with strong Gemini energy (negatively strong) tend to be cigarette smokers. Gemini can be restless and jittery in nature, and those who are strongly influenced by this sign often chain smoke mainly in an effort to calm themselves. Effective healing will not only break the addiction to nicotine, but substitute healthy methods to calm the nerves and mind. Quit Smoking with Astrology Moon governs your habits, emotions, conditioning, moods and your attachments. The moon governs your emotional connection to your environment and how you feel inside. The moon influences your emotions driven moods and your will to succeed. Saturn is the planet of discipline, maturity, restriction, darkness, limitation, and structure. Saturn wants you to progress through hard work and diligent effort. The Moon must be at an angle to Saturn that provides an easy flow of energy. When determining the best aspects between the Moon and Saturn, the Moon should be waning. The waning Moon occurs after the Full Moon. As the moon waxes or reaches its fullness our desires increase. When the Moon is waning, our desires decrease. You can quit smoking when you are determined to do so. For this you need to check in transit the Moon’s placement and the energy of Saturn to become smoke free forever. Saturn energy is a great guide and teacher. Saturn will reward you for your hard work and efforts. When you decide to quit smoking you will need discipline as much as you need motivation and this is where Saturn will help you. Wearing Rudraksha can also help as it gives stability of mind and removes negativity