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Astrological points for writing skills


Writer is an intellectual who can play very important role in shaping and reforming a society. Writer is a person who understands all aspects of life because he knows what is life, so the literature that he contributes to the society can teach us that how to live a decent and successful life. He understands the mentality of people, their sorrow, sadness, happiness, pleasure, excitement, passion, conflicts, emotions, feelings because he has powerful imagination, with his fertile imagination he can visualize a situation which can arise from an action or thought of a person, he can be so convincing in his writing skills that his writings not only can bring revolutionary changes in the minds of people but also in the society as a whole.
Different writers who come from the different walks of life have deep insight into the mindset of people of that community from where they come; they can not only talk about the problem prevalent in the society but also have the effective solution for those problems. In that way when he has the talent to solve the problem, he can do reasonably well for our state. Therefore, it is the pen of the writer where lies the beginning of politics.
Different types of writers write about politics, religion, philosophy, economics, spirituality, creativity, occult sciences, astrology, tantra- mantra meditation, yoga, films, stories, poetry, epics, drama, novel, science, fiction, sports, entertainment etc. Here in this article we want to talk about some of the common characteristics of outstandingly successful writers in this world. Astrologically planets reveal different characteristics and influence subsequently as-
Moon – represents intuition, imagination and visualization.
Mercury – represents intellect, reasoning and writing skills
Jupiter – represents exceptionally good writing skills and reserve mental energy.
Saturn – represents deep thinking and analysis
Venus – represents style, sophistication and creativity.
In the horoscope, the key planet and specific planetary yogas influence the writing skill.
The planets Moon and Mercury give comedy, fiction, poetry, drama. Saturn gives pessimistic and analytical writing. Venus ensures the artistic, romantic, fashion related writing. Jupiter and Mars give the logical and versatile writing skills.
Apart from the above planets, the houses involved or connected with the writing skills are lagna, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10. Third house is the house of writing, communication and social activities and by virtue of which makes the communication influential. IInd house is the house of education and the blessing of goddess Saraswati. Fourth house is the house of thinking line and the fifth house indicates the intelligence. Ninth house is the house of higher education and destiny, tenth house is the house of karma when linked with above house indicates the name and fame through education. Lagna is the pivot of the horoscope and Sun, Venus (strong) ensures the recognition in the society.

Planetary combination to become writer are-

When lagna, lagna lord and 3rd house, 3rd lord are related to the Jupiter, Mercury, Moon and 10th house the native becomes a writer.
Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus in the 10th house, the native becomes a writer.
Sun, Mercury and Venus combination in 2, 4, 5 makes a person a scholar writer.
Lord of 4th house, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in own house, exalted in kendra or kona.
Mercury in eleventh house gives keen intellect and higher education.
Mercury and Venus in 10th from Moon are good for higher education.
Sun, Moon and Mercury give education, name and fame.
Jupiter, Mercury, Venus in ninth house.
Placement of Jupiter and Mercury in 2nd or 10th.
The mutual exchange between the lord of 2nd and 10th is good for education.
According to Parashara 5th lord in ninth makes one an illustrious author.
According to Varahmihir Sun in Virgo, gives skill in writing, painting, poetry, philosophy.
The lord of 10th house in navamsha of Mercury.
Saraswati Yoga : The benefic Jupiter, Venus and mercury occupy kendras or trikonas either jointly or singly. Jupiter should be strong in its own, exaltation or friendly sign.
Gandharva Yoga : 10th lord is in a 3, 7 and 11. Lagna lord and Jupiter together, exalted Sun and placement of Moon in the 9th house.
Kalanidhi Yoga : Jupiter in 2nd or 5th in the rasi of Mercury or Venus.
Sunapha / Anapha/ Durudhara : Yoga formed by Mercury or Venus give proficiency in fine arts.
Panch Mahapurusha : Yogas Malavya and Bhadra provide skill in fine arts.