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Relevance behind marital matching


We all understand that relationships is a very vital sphere for, the humans, but at the same time it is subtle, difficult and vulnerable area; specially if we explore marital relationships we feel that we really do not know the reasons for difficult pattern of marriages and there is something that always remains beyond our control. What is it that governs us to be driven for someone and resist the other one and the reasons for which are not apparent to us at all?
The point arises further that what is the glue that ties two people to share similar experiences in life and forces them to live under the same roof.
I just try to be logical in accepting that astro factors behave in many ways in giving endurance/ approach towards relationships and creating the psychological capacity to understand other’s needs (it varies in humans). Further, everywhere in this world relationships have similar human level requirements and compatibility comes in when requirements (somehow hidden in the subconscious mind) meet with fulfilment through the other person. Astrologer can judge and understand all these things while others live life in ignorance and justify the saying that ‘ignorance is bliss’.
I am literally shocked when some astrologically correct combinations end up in the garbage heap due to lack of love between them. I ponder over this point as an astrologer -’can the combination be astrologically correct, if they don’t have love between them? It simply means that there is some flaw and deficient understanding about matching, which needs to be explored extensively.
The ancient texts have considered astrology as a very sacred subject. Somehow, unfortunately in Indian scenario, the greatness of astrology has taken the shape of very low level business. There are several socio-economic factors for this kind of practice. Anyhow, I will not go in details about the reasons for distortion of Indian science of astrology, but it is a fact that these days most of the Indians are losing faith in their own ancient treasure regarding astrology. They have started disapproving the customary match making style through Ashtakoota (Guna) matching, which is actually incomplete and can not peep through the future and quality of a relationship, single handedly.
Only thing that can complete the match making astro norms is more and more research work and nothing else. My efforts are solely in this direction to restore people’s faith in astrology working behind every human act. Then how relationships are not affected? The sole point is to find out the level of compatibility and knowing the flaws and possible causes of breaking up. For example, when the ascendants ( key points of any horoscope)of couples are in 2/12 relation, or are in 6/8th relation mutually, there is every possibility of discontinuity/ breaks/physical separation and the logic is that Lagna stands for physical entity in this world and mutual co-relation of signs is lost when the signs are Dwirdwadasha or Shadashtaka.
If husband has sun in aries and wife too has saturn in aries, there are possible ego clashes between the couple at times and still the relationships may go on affectionately if other planets are posited favourably in mutual horoscopes and Dasha pattern is fine. Here, I think, knowing of positive/negative factors is beneficial for improvement in dealing.
If any person has negative factors for relationships in his/her individual horoscope, then certainly he/she will come across the kind of person who is likely to be painful to the concerned he, or she.
By no means we shall be able to alter the individual horoscopes, good or bad, in relationships, or in other walks of life, like professional, or health matters etc. When we scrutinize astrology, it is the third eye of knowledge and light and knowledge is power. Astrology helps in peeping into the truth. In my research I am trying to find out:
— the astro logics for a continuing relationship.
—the astro logics for relationships full of love, but no legality/continuance.
I am handling the couple cases in 3 categories
highly compatible couple cases
average compatible couple cases
low compatible couple cases.
Further, I am applying Ashtakoota, the age old technique in match making in couple cases under consideration.
Then Mars Dosha which is regarded as most dreadful point in match making.
Then afflictions to Mars/Venus, Lagna/7th house and Lagna lord /7th lord, by malefics like Saturn/nodes
Lastly the Astro parameters based on sign linkages and mutual planetary placements, which I selected, are as many as 107 in number and apply in horoscopes of couples, on each and every case under consideration.
The gratification of sexual desires is dependent on the individual horoscope and then the partner’s not only ascendant but all vital points regarding relationships (Mars and Venus, Lagna and 7th house lord ) should and must be favourably disposed in other partner’s horoscope. If one’s Mars is attacked by partner’s Ketu on same degree can the couple persue a long term mutual relationship? I doubt it.
Similarly, if wife’s ascendant is where the husband’s 7th house lord is placed, then there is strong chance of their pursuing the relationship between them and it will be on emotional note, if husband has that sign in trine to his ascendant. However if husband has that 7th lord in 6th house, he may have to suffer due to that wife ruled by that very ascendant. Sign linkage certainly tells that one is going to pursue with such and such person the result can be happiness, or pain. There will be variance in quality of relationship, depending upon other astro factors.
These concepts are applicable to all cultures of the world and there are hundreds of astro factors keeping the relations go. The need is to explore and analyse all these in wider perspective and understanding the other’s requirements and flaws and try to act in besta possible manner to maintain peace. Astrology ultimately teaches all of us to develop ourselves as good humans in the light of truth and accepting what is given to us by the almighty.
Somehow, the results pertaining to Ashtakoota matching have not been encouraging at all and thus this cannot form the base, leading to the decision of a lifetime like marriage. I have handled as many as 60 cases for Koota matching and found the results, as shown in the chart. The percentage variance between highly compatible cases / low compatibility cases is very small and cannot be depended upon for consideration of matching single handedly.
Secondly, after failing of most authentic and usual consideration of Ashtakoota matching, I tried the efficiency of Mars Dosha, which is again a dreadful point, when horoscopes are being matched. In Mars Dosha too, the results have been very unclear and in all 60 cases considered, including some of high compatibility, some of average compatibility and some of low compatibility the results are not varying and distinct at all. This again points towards that Mars Dosha is not dependable criterion and there is something different which should be depended upon for vital decisions like marriage and many more parameters are waiting to be judged and analysed for further application in this regard.