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The yog of becoming doctor????


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which subject should we opt after 10th and 12th?
This question arises in the mind of every student. Sometimes parents have to keep aside their ambitions and they have to look onto the child horoscope, that in which area should their child can increase their growth and will be more successful l all these thing we will get to know from the position of planets in horoscope. Through Jyotish we can know that which area is better . Everyone wants that the work or studies they do should be of their own interest because the work which is done by taking complete interest get succeeded.
Every person has a different capacity, but that is difficult to decide itself. Sometimes taking wrong descions did no give success, but astrology is a subject which can guide in choosing a successful carrier.
After completing high school every one face same problem that which subject should we opt so that we can get success and get easily enter in the profession of engineer or doctor etc. So in this type of cases astrology can guide us for bright future.
If in the horoscope the effects of different planets are there on lagan,lagnesh,the tenth house and on dashmesh these help in the profession of doctor or engineer. The position of different planets in rashi can also help in choosing better carrier in better way.
In the horoscope the fifth place can be considered as normal schooling and ninth place is considered for higher studies . First of all we have to see fifth house and it s leader and also we have to see which that which planets are seeing the fifth house. Second thing is that ninth place and its leader, position of the ninth place. Third thing is that in the horoscope the nawansh the leader of tenth place is in which position.From the third place we can the individual’s income and its source.
From astrology we know the work then according to that we will do the further studies .For eg if in individual horoscope guru is more effective then an individual will be a doctor, writer ,or will be in food department .If in an horoscope guru is weak then an individual will be a homeotherapist ,ayurvedic doctor. If the guru is more powerful then he will do study of M.B.B.S.
If in horoscope the yoga of mangal and guru is best then he will do study of surgery, or if the yoga of sun is best then he /she will do study of eye specialist or sonography, or if it is with shukra then Gynecologist, or if it is with Psychiatric, or if it with rahu then Orthopedic surgeon.
In the horoscope the making of yoga should be done with the position of planets. Among all that yogas which are made through planets among that some yogas are there which made an individual a doctor which are as follows:-
* Horoscope is based on Atmkark planet and its parent triangle do conjunction with panchmesh then it is helpful in becoming doctor.
* Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or Scorpio is in the relation with tenth house then , the person receives success the medical field.
* if Rahu-Ketu were in powerful and auspicious place,then it is very lucky for a person.
* if swdristi scorpio is seen by mangal through tenth house then this person in the field of medical and will become surgeon.
*If guru is seeing from fifth house then that person will be very honest,dutiful.
* people who are seeking success in the field of medical then the planets shani and rahu are most beneficial for them.If the position of rahu is best then the person will became doctor as well as Surgeon.
How the results will be better in the field of medical…..??????
I’m the native’s horoscope karma Saturn, might be located on that spot VII income trends physics student, Kamenstry, Biology is on. If these houses if I’m on that sat high amount of medical practice I’m Swgrhi or friend gives her special skills. Sat weakened a little more worked hard so you can get better results.
The effects of the sun:
Take first the sun, here on the fifth sense Leo sees its Swdristi makes good surgeon. I’m feeling a planet XI, except lowly receive all Shubfl. Sun in Libra success is the vision of Medicine. Therefore, the worship of the sun and sun related items jatakas donating your body should be seven or nine times Sunday off. Unwelcome effects can thus be avoided. The planets have low vision, related to donate.
The effect of the Moon:
If price falls on the fifth lunar Swdristi native woman and is Pediatricians. If the Moon with Jupiter or sun make cancer or cardiologist.
Medical profession (doctor, etc become) the sum of the potential are: –
* Ascendant, IV, VII or tenth house posters Sun, Moon or Jupiter’s conjunction with the native doctor Tue I’m making is helpful.
* Tue Swrashi or higher amount if I’m the ascendant, Sun Fifth price relationship, then I’m a yoga expert who is surgery.
* I am Horoscope Sun, Tue and Ketu including the powerful and ascendant master, fifth and tenth house relationship with the native medicine finds quite a success.
* I am the horoscope crab and Tue both are strong and the ascendant and tenth house and Rahu Tue I’m concerned, if any, the native medicine is quite a success.
* If the Sun, Tue, Thu and Sat and Rahu are powerful move in their tenth Kundli, XI, II and VII of the relationship with the sense that it is the native doctor.
* I am the tenth house surgeon to make native conjunction of Sun-Tue.
* If Cturthesh Dsmsth is native medicine physician.
* I’m a doctor sun plays a key role in the formulations, so the relationship with the sun and the planets of the above expression is a doctor helps.
* V and the reciprocal relationship with Ssht sense also provides native wit to overcome the disease.
* Tue or Ketu in the tenth house or Dsmens previous relationship with vision or if the amount of conjunction is native surgeon.
* I am Sat and Sun conjunction native tenth house makes the dentist.
Saturn-Rahu made a Doctor of the sum:
I’m in therapy for those seeking success planet Saturn and Rahu are helpful. I’m entering the medical field makes Saturn. Saturn is the factor of iron tools and machines and doctors from the maximum work is made of iron. I’m sat on that chart with the correct position of the Rahu becomes the person with a doctor’s surgery or specialist.
Medical follow-up activities related to the special significance of Mercury and Venus. ‘Shukrandu Shukradrishto Rswadi (2.1.86) that if I’m Karkans Chemistry moon and who knows if it is a view of Venus. ‘Mercury Drishte Bhisk (2.1.87) that if I’m Karkans sight of the moon and Mercury that are then valid. Native parijat (a .15 / 44), according to the owner of the ascendant or moon-tenth place if I’m Nwansh sun native earns money from drug or medication. Fri-Sat so I’m tenth of the moon is valid.
Vrihzzatk (A 10/2) of the Ascendant, Moon and Sun are the tenth spot on that Nwansh owned by the owner of the sun are the native enrichment of the drug. North Kalamrit (Ch. 5 Slo. 6 and 18) are also confirmed.
Fldeepika (5/2) according to the drug or drug-related functions livelihood is indicative of the sun. If I’m the tenth house Lcshmiwan native, is intelligent and successful. I’m the most modern medical astrology books are considered the sun and other planets move in the domain of medical education or occupation of yoga are Btlaa Grhyog follows:
Sun and Jupiter physician
The Sun and Mercury consulting physician
Sun and Tue Physicians
Sun and Venus and Jupiter Menterniti
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed Veneral
Sun and Saturn bone / tooth-related
Sun, Venus, Mercury, ear, nose, throat
Sun and Venus, Rahu, Uranus X
Sun and Yurens researching medical
Sun and Moon, Mercury abdominal therapy, Pacntntr
Sun Awancndra, Guru hernia, Apendiks
Sun and Saturn (IV factor t). B. Asthma
Sun and Saturn (V factor) Physicians
Planet-defects to become qualified doctor

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If the position of planets is not good :-

If the position of the planets is not good an there is interest in doing work in the field of medical then according to the position of bad planets. According to that donate things. Do worship for peace of planets and together with go to brilliant Jyotishacharya and show your horoscope

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