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Weak planets in horoscope


In general, debilitated planets are considered as ‘First Rate Malefics’ and also a benefic planet. If debilitated, the planet is supposed to harm those planets and houses it is joined with, or aspects. Debilitated planets are also supposed to ruin and destroy those things which they rule, or fall in their houses, navamanshas and nakshtra. obviously if in the horoscope of any individual, any planet is found to be placed in a debilitated position, the native becomes very apprehensive of it’s outcome. Therefore, there is a need to understand the condition, or combinations which actually reduce the ill effects of a debilitated planet and form Neech bhang Raj Yoga. While in Western astrology there is nothing like Neech bhang Raj yoga, in Hindu astrology such yogas have their own importance and their influence on a native and his life is always felt.This verse means that if a planet is debilitated in sign and the lord of that sign, or the lord of exalted sign of that planet be placed in an angle (Kendra) from either the moon sign, the native will become a religious, all powerful and supreme king.if both the lords of debilitated sign and that of debilitated planet’s exalted sign be posited in an angle (Kendra) the native will become a supreme king. If a debilitated planet is aspected by the owner of the said debilitated sign, the native will become a famous king and if it is a good house the native will undoubtedly become a king, or a queen, or an emperor. The rule laid down in this verse is that in case a planet is debilitated and the ascendant (Lagna) be a moveable Sign ( of Zodiac and if the lord of Navamansha sign occupied by the debilitated planet be placed in angle (Kendra) or Trine (Trikona) from the ascendant, this debilitation is cancelled and a strong Raj yoga is formed. In this case even if rising sign is not a moveable one, but if it’s lord is posited in a moveable sign, or Navamansha, the debilitation of cancellation takes place and strong Raj yoga is formed. While in various works of Hindu astrology, a number of neech bhang Raj yogas have been mentioned by the scholars of different times, to sum them up in a short article like this, it may be concluded thus : 1.A debilitated planet aspecting another debilitated planet. 2.If a debilitated planet aspecting in any of second, third, fourth, ninth, tenth and eleventh houses. 3.If a debilitated planet is exalted in Navamansha. 4.If any of the owners of debilitated, or exalted sign of depressed planet be placed in an angle (Kendra) or trine (Trikona) either from ascendant, or from Moon and 5.Where ascendant is a moveable sign and it’s lord also occupies a movable sign, or navamsha and navamsha lord of debilitated planet is placed in an angle, or trine from ascendent or Moon sign. 6.This debilitation of a planet stands cancelled and a strong Raj yoga is formed. The principles laid down here are the general principles of predictive astrology, which should always be used in judging the effects of planets, which otherwise seem awkwardly placed. The Neech Bhang Raj yogas are a purely Hindu conception and such yogas are more powerful than simple Raj yogas. so one need not worry, for such yogas have the capacity to raise the native from the lowest rung of ladder to the highest. So when you come across a planet in a horoscope next time, tell the native that what is apparently a weakness in the birth chart is really it’s strength and he should view these combinations not as a threat, but as an opportunity and the here lies the very purpose of Indian astrology and works explaining it’s concepts.