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Your Rashi and Your dressing sense


Every Rashi has its special and unique attribute of idiosyncratic type of inclination towards fashion. Our dress is a transparent mirror of our personality which reveals very clearly that we are made of what type of stuff and have which aspirations in life. Some foreign author has rightly affirmed that “dress is the visiting card of our personality” with which we present ourselves to the outer world.
In our horoscope Lagna is termed as the gateway to our personality and whenever we interact or come in contact with somebody then the reflection of our personality becomes visible through this gate only.
Aries being the first sign of Zodiac tempts you to remain number one in the world of fashion as a result of which you adopt the new styles quickly to set new trends. You are fond of bright colors and select the dress and color of your dress minutely. Color is most important for you and all shades of pink, red and reddish brown attract you.
In clothes you value more about the quality and comfort level. Instead of latest fashion you prefer those types of dresses which are evergreen and never lag behind in fashion world. You are a definition of a persona with a unique style and sophistication and thus a mirror of refined choice processed in a longer time. You love to wear soft type of dresses and after purchasing prefer to use the dress for a longer time. Pink and blue are your favorite.
You are fond of collecting lot of dresses. You have a big wardrobe with big collection of all colors and dresses for various moods and situations. You do not think much while purchasing dresses rather pay needed attention to comfort level certainly. Colors impress you deeply and therefore you love to wear dresses of various colors. The idea of various styles and various ideas about clothes is also your contribution only. If you are getting impressed with the clothes before the personality of a person then it is you only.
You are sensitive and emotional and that is why you are attached to your dresses as deeply as to your relations. You have also chosen few dresses from the present day trend for yourself. You love creational dresses, embroidery, craftsmanship & laces etc in dress. You shall take proper care of your dresses. Your dresses remain with you for a long time. Your favorite colors are green, khaki, off white and cream.
You have the splendor of sun in your personality which tempts you to wear the best dress. You choose the dress on the basis of best color and quality. You give the priority to your own style in-spite of getting impressed with the fashion. You are having strong persona with this belief that only the dress worn by you is fashionable. Your strong inclination towards the branded and designer wear designates your ambition of getting a high post of responsibility in society. You are fond of bright colors orange, golden, white and violet.
The hallmark of your personality is intelligence and therefore you prefer to choose those dresses which are practically suitable for all occasions and thus can be used frequently. You are expert in making several new combinations. You look after your dresses carefully and wear good dresses which are properly ironed. Your clothes are comfort fit which suit you as they properly get fitted on your body. All colors of rainbow are your favorite.
You have the royal personality of prince/princess and love to match your dress from top to toe. Your footwear and dress and ornaments all match perfectly and there lies your expertise as you are a mine of love and romance. You are crazy about expensive designer wear which are slightly tight near waist. You are always ready and up to the date. You are fond of style and color both. You like light and black color.
The chief objective of your dressing sense is to attract people. You love to wear clothes with tight fitting. Your main quality is to wear old things and fabric in new style for example indo western style, complicated style etc. Your desire of looking different creates the temptation of wearing new dresses of various styles. But you believe in this concept that more important than dress is the attraction of personality. Red, copper and light yellow are your favorite.
Fashion is a social process. Therefore, the dresses should be as per the limits of society. You believe in this dictum and therefore your dress is always acceptable in society. You prefer to wear dresses in accordance to your image and post in society which are generally of average quality but perfectly tuned with the latest fashion and that makes you look special, attractive and unique. Brocade, velvet and light dresses attract you. Your favorite colors are yellow and deep violet.
You like to wear those dresses which are in vogue from a long time. In other words your approach is conservative because of your being under the influence of Saturn and that is why there won’t be much difference in most of your dresses. Your style might change slightly after a long time. You do not like bright colors rather prefer reserve styled dresses of light weight and average quality which are generally straight and long till knee. You like stripes and dark colors like dark grey, black, blue and white.
The world of your mind is inspired with imagination and beauty therefore, in this situation you shall like to wear those latest fashionable dresses which match your modern image. The language of your mind is clearly visible in your dress. You only are capable of modernizing the traditional dresses into style statement. In office wear also you have the efficiency of adding style and your office wear are soft & delicate.
You shall be fond of wearing dresses of double shade in blue, pink & light colors. You only are very fond of adopting all styles with capability of adopting all perfectly. You do not stay in one single style for longer duration. It is your special image to carry different styles even in daily routine life with the ability to incorporating all types of trends.

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