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Seventh Lord and Planetary positions results


The first house in the Kundli is about identity and just opposite to this house is the seventh house which shapes our destiny in relationship. Do you find it easy to pair up or you remain a singleton all through life depends on the position of seventh lord, seventh house and planetary aspect on them in the kundli. The prime factor in correct judgment of a particular house is to study and to analyze the various influences in holistic manner keeping in view the contemporary situation, period and country-
There are various factors which influence the 7th house and the related aspects of life. 7th house does not only relate married life, but it relates all issues related to marriage I.e. the beauty of the spouse, the family of the spouse, the qualifications of the spouse, timing of marriage, status of marriage, love marriage or arranged marriage etc. The house also relates with delay in marriage or devoid of marriage. The aspect of planets on 7th house or 7th lord may materialize love affairs into marriage or may break happy life by separating the husband and the wife or it may result spinster ship for the whole life. Let us see which astrological yoga create hurdles in materializing the marriage and one has to remain bachelor –
1. If lagna, twelfth house and seventh houses have Maraka planets and combust moon is in fifth or second house. The native remains bachelor.
2. If moon and Venus are opposite to Mars and Saturn (seventh house) the native either does not get married or breaks marriage.
3. In a male’s kundli, if moon and Saturn are posited in Seventh house, the marriage does not happen.
4. If Saturn is in seventh or in lagna.
5. Saturn and Mars are posited in Seventh house or aspect 7th house one faces problems in getting married.
6. Sun in seventh house or aspects the 7th house, the native will tend to lose sexual urge and even loose his interest in marriage.
7. If fifth and seventh lord, both are afflicted.
8. If Venus and 7th lord are not in favorable position one is devoid of marriage.

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