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Why multiple relationships created in marital life: Astrological Reasons


Since time immemorial, Astrology has been at the service of man, helping him in predicting future, comforting him in difficult times with visions of better prospects, aiding him in taking prudent decisions. But like all ancient studies, astrology too has been viewed with mixed feelings, varying from skepticism to disbelief and contempt. At many times, it has been regarded as an over-hyped belief and has been burdened with myths. But the fact is that Astrology is more than a study of coalescence of planets and its influence on man, his life and the future, in particular and of the world in general. Not taking much time. I would like to come to the topic of “Multiple Marriages and extra Marital Relationship”.
Marriage is an institution by itself. It is: not a mere association of a male and a female for biological satisfaction. Astrology says that marriages based on Correct horoscope matching seldom fail to achieve the goal and make life and living happy and prosperous. In spite of it, marriages do fail. In such cases experience would vouchsafe that either the concerned horoscopes were incorrect or the assessment or matching defective.
Certain dicta of Brihad Prashara Hora Shastra, Jatak Paarijat, Uttar Kalamrita and their versions are worth remembering in this context. There are certain principles which have been explained in our clasical text books to determine extra marital relations / connections before and after marriage and unconventional marriage of a particular native, the types of which are being explained as under:
A second marriage with the consent of the first spouse.
Developing physical relations with a virgin or’ a divorcee or a widow not legally married but treated as a wife with the first spouse approving.
The failure of first marriage leading to a the second marriage.
A secret love affair either with an unmarried girl or married women or with a woman abandoned by her husband or a widow.
Developing physical relations with other women while living away abandoning his legal wife without any concrete reason.
Under each group mentioned above which is a class by itself I wish to explain below various planetary combinations and configurations as per instructions mentioned in our classics and other ancient books and experiences laid down by eminent and illustrious astrologers of the modern age as well as worthy “Gurus” of past:
In a female horoscope the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th houses are all occupied by malefic planet or planets that are either in their debilitation sign or the looser of inter-planetary war, the character of the women may be questionable.
Similarly if the 7th, 8th, 9th house either from the Ascendant or from the strong moon are all occupied by malefic planets, the woman’s personal and sexual life will be questionable.
The presence of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses for any lagna in a horoscope causes dissatisfied married life.
Mars in a horoscope from the lagna in above said houses causes a weak Manglik Dosha and from the Moon Mars Causes stronger Manglik Dosha while from Venus Mars, causes strongest Manglik Dosha.
Saturn in the 7th house either from Ascendant or from Navamsha ascendant causes unconventional marriage. Some texts say that if such a situation occurs in natal chart it relates to first marriage and if it occurs in navamsha chart then it causes extra marital affairs after marriage.
The Moon-Venus combination in the 7th house owned by the Moon or Venus or the lord of their respective exaltation sign causes disturbances in married life. In male horoscope this combination gives more then one marriage.
In the case of a female horoscope if the 4th house of her horoscope is occupied by the debilitated Moon especially with the Sun and Moon is of Mars, Rahu or Ketu’s Nakshatra and without any benefic aspect of Jupiter, the girl will be of very loose character with multiple relationships.
The weak 7th Lord occupying the 9th house, in a female horoscope causes disturbance / divorce or judicial separation after marriage and cancellation of engagement at the 11th hour of marriage.
In the case of females an afflicted 5th house aspected by the weak or seriously afflicted 5th Lord causes pre-marriage or extra marital sex, especially in cases where the 7th Lord is placed in 12th, 8th or 3rd house from the 7th house.
If Lagan of a particular native is Scorpio occupied by Saturn and Mars is in 12th house aspecting 7th house or conjoins Saturn in Lagan the native becomes very sexy and his/her sexual appetite can’t be satisfied so easily.
If Lagan is Scorpio and Saturn is posited in it and Mars is posited in 7th house, this combination delays marriage. If Venus is debilitated or combust in this combination the native will be highly sexy.
If Lagan is Capricorn and Saturn is in lagan and Saturn gets aspect of debilitated Mars the girl will be of loose character and will not hold chastity.
If Lagan is Gemini and also Navamsha Lagan is Gemini i.e. Vargottam and Venus is in lagna in Natal Chart it causes second marriage or marriage with a divorcee.
If lagan is Gemini and Lagan is Vargottam and Venus is dully aspected by Saturn in Lagan chart, the girl will be of immoral character.
In this case if Venus belongs to Mars, Mercury or Saturn’s Trishamsha the girl will be of loose character. There will be difference of opinion if Venus is posited in Cancer Rashi and Lagan is Vargottam.
Venus of Leo Rashi if occupies 7th house, there will be a break in married life.
Exalted Venus in 12th house duly aspected by Mars gives sex pleasure before marriage, rather in early age.
Saturn is hemmed in Paapkastrari Yoga and also posited in Lagan or 7th house causes sex before marriage.
If weak lord of 10th is posited in Dusthan (6th, 8th and 12th houses) and Venus is in its debilitation sign without any benefic aspect, it causes love affair.
If the 7th Lord is in eleven or 11th Lord is in 7th or 7th Lord and 11th Lord exchange their house there will be more than one marriage.
If the 11th house is of Virgo sign and Venus is posited there and have malefic aspect there will be more than one marriage.
When Venus occupies a moveable sign and gets aspect of Mars or Rahu or Saturn there will be extra marital affairs even after marriage.
Strong Rahu is in 10th or in 11th house with relationship to 7th house or 7th house Lord there will be clandestine love affair.
If the 4th Lord (the house of masses) placed in the 10th house (house of sex of masses) and Venus or Mars are involved either in shape of aspect or conjunction there will be extreme sexual lust in that native.
5th Lord is in 7th or 7th Lord is in 9th and 5th and 9th Lord in 7th house or 5th, 7th and 9th Lords in 11th or in 2nd there will be love affair which ends in love marriage
Gemini Sagittarius and Pisces, the dual signs if any one of these hold Venus in it and gets aspect of Rahu or Saturn there will be many relationships.
Strong Moon and Venus together in one house cause extra marital relationship or unhappy married life leading to separation or divorce.
7th Lord is placed in 6-8-12 houses without any significant power or benefic aspect causes extra marital affairs.
The 7th Lord if placed in 3rd the native will get love marriage against the will of his/her parents.
If Saturn in 2nd house and Rahu in 7th house there may be extra marital affairs.
If 11th house occupies two planets and the 7th is in afflictions then there will much disturbance in married life.

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