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The Diseases caused by Moon


According to the Ayurvedic system of medicine every disease initially affects the mind, then it spreads in the body and produces visible symptoms coupled with discomfort. Astrology regards the Moon as the karaka (significator) for mind ¼pUnzek eulks tkr%½. Being nearest to the earth, the Moon influences earthly vegetation and living beings through control of the water content in their system. The Moon draws energy from the Sun and uses it for procreation and growth, a maternal function, and is therefore, considered karaka for mother. As the fastest moving planet, Moon is also responsible for fluctuations in human mood.
The Moon is exalted in Taurus (3°) and is debilitated in the opposite sign Scorpio (3°). It is considered to be of medium strength from Sukla Paksha Pratipada (first lunar day of the bright half) upto Dasami; fully strong from Shukla Ekadasi (11th lunar day of bright half) to Krishna Panchami (5th lunar day of dark half), and weak from Krishna Shashti (6th lunar day of dark half) to Amavasya (New Moon). The Moon produces good results for Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces Ascendant natives, being the lord of the 4th, 1st, 10th 9th and 5th house respectively. When Moon is strong, free from malefic influence and aspected by benefics, it cancels all the blemishes and makes the native healthy, cheerful and prosperous.
The likely diseases caused by Moon when in different signs are as follows:
Moon in Aries : The health is average. Affliction to the Moon causes disease of lungs, breathing problems and blood related ailments.
Moon in Taurus : Being exalted, the Moon gives good health and endurance. When afflicted the native suffers from diseases of eyes, throat, tonsils, speech and neck.
Moon in Gemini : The native is healthy, but the Moon’s affliction causes diseases of lungs, breathing problems and blood related ailments.
Moon in Cancer : Being in own sign, the Moon here gives good health. If afflicted, it causes diseases of the chest, stomach and blood.
Moon in Leo : The native is healthy. If afflicted, the native suffers from giddiness, heart and blood ailments.
Moon in Virgo: The native is healthy and has good resistance against disease. An afflicted Moon causes stomach, digestive and skin problems.
Moon in Libra: The native is healthy and has good resistance. When afflicted, the native suffers from kidney, blood, urinary and back problems. He may also have head and stomach ailments.
Moon in Scorpio: The Moon is debilitated here and hence the native falls sick frequently. Health i weak in childhood mostly. He suffers from urinary troubles and diseases of private part.
Moon in Sagittarius: The native has a strong build, but if Moon is afflicted he suffers from blood, liver and nerve ailments, sciatica and lumbago pains.
Moon in Capricorn: The native has little resistance to diseases due to which ill health torments him for long. He suffers from constipation, urticaria and rheumatism.
Moon in Aquarius: The native has good resistance power, but if Moon is afflicted he suffers from anaemia, giddiness and weakness. He may also suffer from eyes and nervous complaints.
Moon in Pisces: Moon here attracts diseases and native catches infection early. He suffers from blood related ailments, diseases of feet, soles and corns.

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