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Cancer diseases: astrological preview


Cancer, the dreaded term for malignant growths and lumps, seems to be of unusually common occurrence in recent times. More people than ever before seem to be struck by the disease which carries with it a near pall of death if not checked in the initial stage.
Saturn, Moon and dusthanas 6th, 8th and 12th seems to figure prominently in the charts of cancer patients.
This malming or disfiguration of the body relates the Ascendant or its lord to the 6th, 8th & 12th house or their lords. These dusthans rule such traumic situations or events as would change the entire course of one’s life. To this many who have had to suffer from cancer with their lives have overnight changed from laughter and sunshine to gloom.
Saturn characteristice of all that hardens, hinders, depletes, and suppresses would seem to be the best fitted planet to be associated with cancer. He would also explain very well the mental anguis an depression that follow the biopsy confirming the malignat nature of lump or growth.
The Moon, ruling the mind, and also all the excretions in the body system would also fit well in this context. All lumps and tumors are nothing but the accumulations of secretions that have been clogged or otherwise prevented from normal movement/
A study of several charts of cancer patients has shown a link between MOON AND SATURN. This link is found in the Navmasa Chart. This does not mean necessarily mean that all charts where the Moon and Satrum are correlated are cases of cancer. But the majority of cancer cases have the moon-saturn disposition. If Moon is afflicted b saturn in Navamasa Chart by Saturn through posting, aspect or conjunction it indicate the disease of cancer. More important, Dashas or directional influences must also warrant the disease of cancer.

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