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Before marriage, an astrologer is consulted for analysis of the horoscopes of the boy and the girl who is about to get married. It is done to ensure a harmonious, balanced and healthy relationship between husband and wife. If we compare the success rate of marriages nowadays as compared to older times say for example during the last 50 or 100 years and more especially in modern society, we will find out that the percentage is decreasing drastically. Some would attribute this to increasing ego problems and a feeling of independence in human beings especially women. During ancient time, our ancestors gave special attention to the matchmaking criteria and always preferred to consult a good astrologer about the married life of the prospective couple. Gradually, many people started neglecting the given principles and many young people started marrying their lovers without getting their charts checked from a good astrologer. The result of this is an unsuccessful marriage and marital discords.

Now again, astrological consciousness about matchmaking is increasing day by day. More and more people are consulting good astrologers for match making and usually, it is done by referring to Melapak Chart given in any Panchang. This Melapak chart is calculated on the basis of eight factors. These eight factors are known as Ashtakoota and considered in order to judge the stability of married life for the couple. There is one other important factor which is equally important and we call it to promise of a healthy and stable married life in the horoscope. If this promise in a given horoscope is weak in that case Ashtakoota Milan results into a futile exercise. So, for the health and future of married life promise of stable married life should also be assessed in the horoscope. There are horoscopes in which the probability of marriage is not indicated or else strong indications of failure of marriage are there. For these horoscopes the perfect ashtakoota and manglik dosa matching cannot help to ensure the happiness in marriage because basically the destiny to enjoy marital happiness in these horoscopes is missing. Therefore, here we shall discuss a few combinations which are necessary for marital happiness and for the stability of married life. In male’s horoscope, Venus is the chief Karaka of married life. The ideal placement for Venus is in Lagna in an auspicious sign. The other good condition which can promise a faithful wife is the placement of powerful Jupiter in 7th house.

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In girl’s horoscope, Jupiter is the chief Karaka of marital happiness and the ideal placement for happy married life is considered to be in the first house, similarly, Venus should be placed in its own rashi or navansha, in exalted rashi or navansha or in a friendly sign in 7th house. The placement of Jupiter and Venus both in 7th house is considered extremely auspicious for happy married life. In addition to these conditions, the placement of the 7th lord cannot be overlooked. 7th lord should not be combust or in debilitation and should be placed in any Kendra aspected by a benefic planet, should be in its exalted Rashi or navansha. It should not be afflicted by conjunction or aspect of any malefic planet. 7th lord should not be placed in 6th, 8th, or 12th house and it shouldn’t be hemmed between malefic planets. It has been observed that Mars also plays a crucial role in married life. Sometimes it ruins the married life especially when it is in debilitation and aspects the 7th lord or 7th house.

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Further, the placement of malefic planets in a 7th house especially when they are in debilitation ruin the married life. The aspect of malefic planets on 7th house can also ruin the married life especially if the position of Jupiter, Venus and 7th lord is also bad in the chart.

One other blow to the married life can come from Manglik Dosa, therefore, astrologers always recommend that the following three factors should be given prime importance. 1. The promise of marital happiness 2. Ashtakoota matching. 3. Manglik Dosa matching. It has been observed that in spite of having all the positive factors the married life fails. According to scholars of astrology the main reason for it can be the debilitation of Saturn in Navamsha chart because Saturn is the star of stability and balance in our life and Navamsha is the most important divisional chart for assessing married life, therefore, debilitation of Saturn in the Navamsha chart kills the stability of married life in spite of having positive promises in the birth chart for one’s married life. This is considered a very big negative factor. For the success and failure of one’s married life, the horoscope of both husband and wife play an equally important role.

If all the positive factors are there in the charts of both the chances of success of marriage get increased if Manglik dosa matching and Ashtakoota guna matching is also done under expert astrological guidance. If 7th lord and 7th house in one’s birth chart have enough strength and the majority of planets especially Saturn, Jupiter and Venus are exalted in Navamsha chart the stability of married life remains intact. Example horoscope In Lata Mangeshkar’s chart 7th lord is in 6th house and Saturn is in debilitated Navamsha. She did not marry. Illustration 2 In the above horoscope Saturn is in debilitated Navamsha, therefore, Jupiter in the 7th house failed to protect the marriage. The marriage continued only for one year. Illustration 3 In this chart Venus and Jupiter are properly placed but an aspect of Rahu, Saturn, and Mars on 7th house is ruining the health of the wife. If there is mutual exchange in the houses of Mars and Venus in Navamsha i.e. if Mars is in the Navamsha of Venus and Venus is in the Navamsha of Mars the husband and wife both commit adultery. Sometimes marital happiness is promised in one chart but denied in wife’s horoscope, this indication is not enough for a good match. If marital happiness is indicated in both charts it can result in happy and stable married life especially if Ashtakoota and Manglik dosa are also not there. In some horoscopes, there is an indication of polygamous tendency and multiple relations. Because of such yogas which can cause probabilities of multiple relations the person becomes over passionate and gets involved in more than one relationship and as a result fails to maintain a healthy relationship with spouse.