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Vastu Aspects for Career growth


Sun : If Sun is placed appropriately in birth chart it indicates a person will be self – confi dent, kind hearted, sincere, fatherly, inspiring and motivating, encouraging people to meet their goals and will have leadership skills. Professions governed by Sun are– Administrator, Manager, Director, leader, celebrity, sports person, Government offi cer, interior decorator. Sun can be enhanced by performing following vastu remedies : • Place a bamboo plant in East direction of drawing room. • Display a rising Sun picture in the East direction of living room. • Interior of east direction should be light weight. Good Sun leads to celebrity status and of orange hue. Moon : Moon acts as a “Mother” taking responsibility for a social environment of a place. A person who has favourable Moon in birth chart is open to others, tolerant, hospitable, nurturing, intuitive and empathetic and sensitive about the anxieties and problems of others. Professions indicated by Moon – Humanitarian workers, healers, nurses, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, child care, women – care activities, food and beverage business, water workers, irrigation, Sailor, fi sherman, importer – exporter of sea products and raising animals ( dairy). Moon can be enriched by performing following vastu remedies. • Place a Conch fi lled with water in the Northwest direction. • Display a Crystal Globe in the Northwest direction of Study or working table. • Place a bunch of pea-cock feathers in the Northwest direction. Mars : Mars is a warrior who feels proud to show courage and determination. Person whose Mars is good in birth chart is action oriented, enthusiastic, energetic, and ambitious and always ready to accept challenges. Professions indicated by Mars – Military offi cer, police, surgeons, estate agents, persons employed in mining, athletics and sports man. Mars can be balanced by performing following vastu remedies. • Display a red Phoenix in the South direction of Drawing room. • Decorate the South direction with your certifi cates and medals. • Avoid placing water feature in South direction. Mercury : Favourable Mercury in birth chart indicates person will have systematic approach, good in numerical skills like accounting, fi nance, measuring and surveying, writing. Occupations ralated to Mercury The use of advanced speech, speech therapist, publishing, editor, writer, entertainer, consultant, analyst, accountant, mathematician, good in communication or related fi elds like Call Center, Journalism, fi ction and non-fi ction writing, telecom, internet, digital networks, fi nancial controller, librarian, advertiser, skin care, youth –oriented program organizers and gardener. Remedies to enhance Mercury • Place a jade or basil plant in the Northeast direction of drawing room. • Keep the Northeast direction open or with very light furniture. • Avoid toilet in this direction. Jupiter : Jupiter or the Dev guru if favourable in birth chart makes you optimistic, accepting, truthful, and spiritual, giving you ability to handle stress in a balanced way, honouring the trust that people put in them, adheres to values in spite of diffi cult circumstances. Occupations related to Jupiter Judge, advisor, counsellor, psychologist, fi nancial advisor, social or charity worker, professor, educationalist, priest, human resources and employee development, consultant, studies in ancient traditions and spiritual nature. Jupiter can be enriched by following remedies : • Place a bowl fi lled with water and fresh yellow fl owers in North direction of drawing room. • Do not keep any iron or black shade item in the North direction of any of the room in house or offi ce. • Place your cash box in North direction. Venus : Venus is a planet of beauty, art and joy of life. A favourable Venus makes a person’s persona charismatic, a good host, good sense of art and culture, building relationship and networking, focus on harmony, highly diplomatic, skilled reader of people and situations, knows to enjoy pleasure and comfort. Occupations related to Venus Art, design, fashion, photography, textiles and fabrics, boutiques, spa, cosmetician, beauty products and services, gems, precious metals, fl orist, interior decorator, music, drama, all forms of entertainment, working with women and their associated affairs, sexual issues, fancy restaurants, sweets and desserts. Venus can be strengthened by following remedies : • Place an Amethyst crystal lotus in the Southeast direction of drawing room. • Place a crystal Sri yantra in a silver bowl in the Southeast direction of worship area (pooja). • Wear a rose quartz bracelet. • Place an artifi cial pomegranate in the dining area. Saturn : The positive Saturn in the birth chart indicates good stamina and endurance making the person hard working, who puts in the extra effort to make things right, follows traditions, knows the rule and abides by them. When Saturn is weak in the chart the person becomes unenthusiastic, depressed, low on intelligence, gloomy, poorly groomed, sluggish, follows orders to one’s detriment, displays lack of vitality, has a life fi lled with delays and losses, uses drugs or alcohol. Occupations related to Saturn Jobs entailing hard work or labour like places where one gets dirty or soiled, work in land development and agriculture, oil, gas, mining, minerals, geology, excavation, antiques, archaeology, museums, Saturn also governs professions related to monasteries, sanitariums, civil engineering, disaster relief, insurance sales, drug rehabilitation, animal care and prison work. Saturn can be made favourable by : • Place Metal furniture or metal decor in the West direction of your room. • Always help labourers, needy and handicapped and give them food on Saturday. • Feed wheat fl our to ants. • Keep mustard oil in an iron bowl and place it in the West direction of your store room. Rahu and Ketu or Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets they do not have their own identity. They indicate according to the associations of other planet or signifi cance of house where they are placed. Rahu : In general Rahu acts like Saturn. Rahu gives a person a vision to come up with innovative solutions to the problems in diffi cult times. If Rahu is positive in birth chart the person will be clever and will have technical brain. Occupations related to Rahu Technicians, technologists, pharmacist, bioenergy worker, secret service, magician and profession in foreign or exotic travel. Ketu : In general Ketu acts like Mars. Ketu indicates intuition, enlightenment (moksha), feel of inner silence, ignoring the material in favor of the spiritual. When Ketu is weak in a chart a person has low self image, full of doubts and fear, lets others take advantage of them, do not have any aim in life, hypersensitive, nervous and unreliable. Occupations related to Ketu Monk or nun, meditation or self – improvement guru, connection with mystical objects, alternative medicine practitioner, unique healing methods and deals in occult science. Rahu and Ketu can be made positive by • Display a painting or picture of fl ying birds in the Northwest direction of offi ce or drawing room. • Place green plants in the Northeast direction. • Place some magnets in a crystal bowl in the South west direction.

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